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The Broderer

Broderer (Middle English broderere, brouderere, from broderen, brouderen to embroider (modification of Middle French broder, brouder) + -ere -er)


Broderers design, create and care for embroidered textiles. The chapel has many textiles but very little information about them. It is thought that many were made by local nuns probably during the Victorian era. 


Lesley Fudge, one of the Friends of the Chapel, a Certificate and Diploma Graduate of the Royal School of Needlework, has a particular interest in ecclesiastical work and after repairing a chasuble, cope and altar frontal started examining the other textiles in the Chapel has now created an inventory and a condition report document.

Textile Repairs
IMG_2425 2.jpg
The chasuble was in poor repair and the gold work on the hood of the cope was in need of a lot of work. These two renovated vestments have now been returned to the Minster Church which was where they were from initially. A letter was found stating that the cope was a gift from a Caribbean Bishop to the Minster Church.  

Damaged offertory bag

The red silk couching the gold threads on the white altar frontal had rotted over time and over several long sessions, this was repaired and large damaged areas of gold work were conserved by entrapping them in conservation net to prevent further damage. 
Whilst undertaking the inventory, at the back of the frontal chest, two frontals both mounted on wooden frames were found. They are beautiful, probably Victorian and after minimal work on them, they now grace the front of the gallery at the West end of the Chapel.

Repaired offertory bag

Silk embroidered offertory bags were in need of restoration. These were deconstructed, repaired and reconstructed and are in constant use again at Chapel services. 

Damaged offertory bag


Repaired offertory bag

Textile Development

In addition to conservation and restoration, new textiles have been made. The lectern at the East end of the Chapel was bare wood but now has a range of lectern falls for St Lawrence, Lent, Easter, Advent, Christmas, and a non-seasonal all year round fall.


Further work is planned for a new bookrest fall, the fabric of the current one having become tired but it will be repurposed as a kneeler to conserve the work of the unknown embroiderer who made it. 


A whitework of the chapel made by the broderer is on the south wall.


All year round lectern fall


Easter lectern fall

Lent Lecturn Fall.jpg

Lent lectern fall

Book Rest Fall


Advent lectern fall

IMG_4656 2.jpg

Christmas lectern fall

Patronal Lecturn Fall.jpeg

Patronal lectern fall

Book Rest Fall

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