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The Feoffees Trustees

The Chapel Feoffees are entirely responsible for funding the Chapel. It is not financed by any church or heritage organisation and therefore relies on local support. In 1575 the people of Warminster were able to buy the Chapel, and in 1592 an Indenture was drawn up appointing " twelve, ten or eight of the principal honest and discreet men of the parish of Warminster " to administer it. They are known as "feoffees" (pronounced " Fee-Fees ") and now meet 6 times a year. Their service to the Chapel, together with the generosity of the people of the town and district and the local council, has preserved the building for posterity.

Appointed Feoffee Trustees

Nominated Trustees

Ian Frostick - Chair

Dan Keene - Vice Chair

Ray Shorto - Feoffee

Cllr. Andrew Davis - Feoffee


Kerry Bishop - Feoffee
James Landry - Feoffee

Heather Parks - Feoffee

Lesley Fudge - Friends of the Chapel of St. Lawrence
Cllr. Denis Brett - Warminster Town Council
Rev'd Susan Foster - The Minster Church

Rev'd Lorraine Dobbins - Warminster Churches together

Sheila Pomeroy - Sacristan
Heather Parks - Treasurer

Rev'd Susan Foster - Minster Liaison

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